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About Shifa 



Our values are to provide comprehensive clinical services without discrimination and provide access to healthcare and social support services with respect and dignity.


Shifa's goal is to foster diversity, show equity and be inclusive.


The mission of the Shifa Healthcare and Community Services USA is to provide holistic primary healthcare services, integrated with social support programs, to improve the quality of life for the low-income, uninsured, underserved families.


Our Partners

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Get Involved

Want to make an immediate difference in someone’s life? Volunteering with Shifa is fulfilling! You’ll be volunteering in charitable clinics and centers serving the undeserved of our community. Our volunteers help us do everything from licking envelopes to diagnosing and treating complex medical and behavioral health conditions.


Join hands with compassion! Our clinic, driven by the spirit of giving, brings expert care to all, regardless of resources. Be a part of our mission by donating today. Your contribution fuels health, healing, and hope in our community. Every donation counts – let's make wellness accessible together!

Book Appointment

Feeling Sick? Find Relief and Expert Care at Our Clinic Today!

Time to turn the tables on that pesky illness! Discover swift relief and top-notch care at our clinic today. Why wait? Your path to wellness starts now! Reach out for an appointment  because feeling better shouldn't have to wait!

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