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Shifa Women's Center

Renewing Hopes & Rebuilding Lives

Over 10 years of renewing hopes and rebuilding lives of domestic violence survivors in the Greater Houston area

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A Healing Place

A healing place during  a time of crisis; cooked meals, comfortable beds, TV room, dining room, personal lockers, kids activity room, computer room, case management room, interfaith room and playground for children.

SWC is focused on delivery of quality services by implementing streamlined systems for intake process, monitoring resident progress, coordinating licensed therapists, offering targeted services to those residents who require additional or extended support. With newly implemented processes, procedures and IT solutions to replace administrative tasks, more support staff ‘s time is available to help  residents achieve their goals. 

The center was structured and planned to serve women from diverse cultural communities. SWC provides them and their young children a safe, secure and confidential location to heal, recover, and build their confidence. 

What We Believe

How Do We Help?



Referred to Shifa Women's Center


Conduct Intake Process


Assigned Lodging & Support Staff. Settle & Familiarize Self with SWC.


Attend Support Groups and Participate in Daily Shelter Activities


Create Action Plan with Guidance and Support from SWC Staff.


Secure Support Services from Within the Community.


Move out of Shifa Women's Center with Renewed Hope!


Domestic abuse, also called "domestic violence" or "intimate partner violence", can be defined as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. Abuse is physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person. This includes any behaviors that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, injure, or wound someone. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. It can occur within a range of relationships including couples who are married, living together or dating. Domestic violence affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. 



If any of these things are happening in your relationship, talk to someone. Without help, the abuse will continue. Making that first call to seek help is a courageous step.

Always remember...

  • NO ONE deserves to be abused. The abuse is not your fault. You are not alone.

  • DON’T worry about threats to your visa. We have information about visa options for your situation.

  • DON’T worry if you do not speak the local language. We can get you help in many Languages.

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Connect with an advocate: (832) 808-2255

National Domestic Violence Hotline . Toll Free: (800) 799-7233

Video Phone: (855) 812-1001

TTY: (800) 787-3224



Contact Shifa Women's Center

Phone: (713) 981-6060


Safety Tips

Protect Yourself

Your safety is our top concern, if you are in an immediate danger please call 911. Many folks who live in violent relationships feel helpless, they are afraid and unsure about seeking help. SWC can help create a safety plan  Call our helpline 832-906-0396.

Protect Personal Devices

The abusers often control their victims by closely monitoring their every move - in person and online. Don't use your cell phone or personal computer or laptop. Visit the city or county library and use one of their computers, or ask a friend or a neighbor if they could let you use their computer. 

Protect Your History

Clear the browser history. In your browser.

See the top menu, click  history, then top of the X of each website that you wish to delete.

Our Community Partners

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